Seven Ways to Make your Big Wedding a More Personal Affair

Regardless of how big your guest list is, you want to spend time with of those who spend money and time to attend your big day. However, just because you have a formal affair attended by hundreds of people does not mean your day cannot be intimate. Even if you have many guests at your wedding, here’s how you can turn the event into something more personal:

Greet Every Guest

Make sure you take the time to greet every guest at your wedding. You can do this by spending a few minutes at every table with your spouse or through a receiving line. This allows every guest feels included at your big day.

Host Smaller Events before the Big Day

To make sure you will have the opportunity to talk to your guests personally, host a smaller, more intimate events that leads up to your big day with different groups of guests. These events can be a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and more.

Create a Homey Vibe

You can make your guests feel welcome by having hors d’oeuvres and drinks waiting for their arrival at your cocktail hour. Aside from making them feel relaxes, drinks can give off welcoming vibe that your guests will surely appreciate. Also, you can create a welcoming atmosphere by incorporating soft and romantic lights for an enhanced mood.

Make Space Feel More Intimate

No matter how big your venue is, try to find a way to shrink the space. Try to play with seating and table arrangements to make the space feel smaller. Also, think about using lighting to make big spaces for more inviting.

Go for Low and Lush Centerpieces

Although big, dramatic centerpieces are appropriate for a big wedding, it might be best to go for low and lush centerpiece. This is because it lets your guests see each other and initiate conversations.

Set Up Different Food Stations

Having different self-service buffets or food stations throughout the space will allow your guests to mingle with one another. This lets them get up, walk around, and interact with other guests while they choose their meals.


Engage Everyone in your First Dance

Use your first dance as an opportunity to let everyone gather at the edges of the dance floor. You will like to have your first dance being surrounded by your friends and family. Also, this lets your guests close to the action.

To make sure you can have the opportunity to thank every guest for their presence, work with a professional wedding planner. Check out for a dependable one.