Better Options for the Proper Wedding Planning

To realize a dream, the first step is to establish a maximum amount to be spent and a deadline for accomplishment. However, in the middle of the road, something does not go as planned. Unexpected and unexplained expenses arise. In the end, the plan leaves the paper – but twice the estimated price.

Considering the description, any similarity between the reform of a house and a wedding party is not mere coincidence. Specialists heard by the G1 ensure that the reason a budget goes out of control in these two situations (which is quite common) is the same: the combination of ignorance about the necessary expenses and decisions taken in the heat of emotion.

Start by the guest list

If a couple revolts getting engaged to get married just two years later, for example, it may seem a bit hasty to already make a guest list. But it is not, as Marisol explains. This is because to list the people considered closer (although this list will change until the date of the party) already gives a notion of the main costs that lie ahead. For the rightWedding Planner these information are important.

Buffets and restaurants generally charge per person, and it is from this number that the first estimates of values ​​come out.

Divide the guests in the list according to their priority

“One tip is to sort the guest list. A three-star guest is one you make sure you’re at your wedding, and without him you would not even party. Two stars go to those you have to invite, and one to whom you might invite, like some co-worker.

The idea of ​​this division is to make it easier to decide which people will no longer receive invitations if the budget is tightened and the numbers change.

Before choosing a date, do the math

The specialist recommends calculating first how much the couple can save per month to match the amount they are willing to spend at the party. Only after making this account should they determine the date of the celebration.

Stay the budget always with ease

Going beyond budget is a common situation for anyone planning a wedding party. However, this can be avoided if the couple separates a provision for extra spending early in the preparations. The best of Wedding Planning comes there now.

The consultant adds that it is necessary to estimate costs “always up”, because in this way “the greatest chance will be to be surprised positively” if the expenses are smaller.

Manage frustrations

Falling into the idea that marriage is the day everything should be perfect and exactly how the bride and groom have always dreamed can be a snare. This is because the couple will fatally have to give up some service over other more important ones. They will have to make decisions like putting aside a special car to take the bride to church to be able to order better sweets.