5 Reasons Why Kundali Matching Holds Importance Even in Our Era

India is a land of traditions and cultures. The most ancient texts in the world, the Vedas, originated in our country. The values mentioned in the Vedas have defined the way in which we should live. From the time of our birth and till the time we die, there are several rituals that are followed. But times are a-changing, as are the rituals and traditions that we follow, but one practice that holds utmost importance in our generation even today is Kundali (Horoscope) Matching. In every Hindu marriage, certain rules are followed that were set by the ancient study mentioned in Vedas.

Horoscope matching measures the compatibility of the two-people looking to get married. It also determines how prosperous their life will be. Nowadays with a change in beliefs, some people think that this kind matching is not required to make their marriages a happy affair. But most adults and families that practice kundali matching do so with their childrens’ consent. Why is this? Read on to know the reasons why this young generation also believes in this age-old tradition.


  1. Reduces Stress: Millennials are stressed about almost everything, to be honest. But something that really stresses them is whether they will be able to find a suitable life partner or not. Under conditions of stress, people tend to use astrology to cope up with it. This gives them a surety, and perhaps answers the question of whether the person they are thinking of to marry is the perfect match or not. Astrology offers comfort to those in crisis by giving them a road map of how their future events will take place.
  2. Peace of Mind: Our present generation is matching their kundali because this practice and its results could give comfort and strength to those that are anxious about being ready to spend their lives with their to-be-spouse. That the practice is derived from the sacred texts and based on a deep study and the characteristics of the human nature can provide an almost fail-safe recommendation and can answer possible questions that one could have.
  3. Traditional Values: There are some individuals who follow the practice because it has been followed in their family for many generations. They do it because this would make their parents happy. While they may do it for their families, somewhere deep within they too have faith in the match-making.
  4. Bearing an Offspring: The kundali comparisons also indicate the chances of childbirth, or the problems that might arise because of it. Since everyone would want to start a family after they are married, they like to be reassured of their ability to bear offspring.
  5. Financial Prospects: Kundali matching is said to accurately predict financial prospects of the would-be bride or groom, which is quite an important aspect to consider. The finances of an individual and the family determines in a large part how secure and satisfactory their future would be. This reading could help build credibility and thus enhances the present generation’s interest and faith in horoscope matching.